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The VanGundy Group has not been fully operational as I have been involved in a management consulting firm now for over 6 years. This web site is only kept here for placeholder reasons.

Note the paragraph below that says "For the first time... blah blah blah"... that was from 2002! I haven't updated this site since then but was forced to update it tonight (6/24/2011) because some folks in Cherokee decided to make things up that aren't true.


I have NEVER profited through my lobbying efforts from advocating for school choice. So those that would send you to this web site suggesting such are simply slinging mud and obfuscating.

Resume old text:

The VanGundy Group is a professional lobbying firm headed by Republican Party official, turned lobbyist, B.J. VanGundy.

For the first time in one hundred and thirty-four years Georgia has a Republican Governor, a Republican Majority State Senate and a Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Although the The VanGundy Group is well positioned to work "both sides of the aisle," its principles are additionally well positioned to take advantage of its strong Republican ties to achieve a strategic advantage in promoting your organization and your issues.

Whether you are looking for a single team for your government relations representation or to augment your current team, The VanGundy Group, LLC is ready to join in your efforts.